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Mon, Oct 20
National Heroes' Day : Public Holiday

Thu, Oct 30 @ 5:30PM
Awards Ceremony
Courtleigh Auditorium
Tue, Nov 25 @ 5:30PM
Graduation Ceremony
Jamaica Conference Center
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The School of Nursing, which opened its doors in September 1974 as the Nursing Department, was the first of its kind in Jamaica, preparing prospective nurses in a community college setting. Enrollees had full student status unlike the traditional Nursing Schools that were operating under the apprenticeship system.

Excelsior is the only Community College to offer Certificate courses in the Performing Arts.


The Library Technical Assistant Programme (L.T.A.) was the only one of its kind in the English Speaking Caribbean, up to recently.


Excelsior has an annual population of up to 2500 students.



Since July 2002, the College opened its doors, even wider, to members of its immediate community under its Community Empowerment Unit. The unit focuses primarily on training members of the community for the job market as well as to be micro-entrepreneurs.