Career Services and Placement Unit

Services of the Unit

  • Job placement (summer, permanent, and part-time)
  • Career counseling Assistance with interviews and resume construction
  • Conduct workshops and  seminars on career and employment
  • Provide opportunities for interaction between industry personnel and students through seminars and workshops
  • Assistance with Internships - Store resumes to facilitate placement
  • Job Placement for Work Experience Programme, Practicums and and Externship
  • Employment Service (Full-time, Part-Time and Summer Work)
  • Internship placements

Please note that the Unit will be opened until 6pm on Wednesdays to facilitate evening students.

Career, Placement and Scholarship News/Events


ECC Scholarship Application Form


Career & Placement Services - "Thank You Campaign "

The Career and Placement Services Unit (CPSU) of Excelsior Community College (ECC) uses this medium to highlight our work experience partners who have played pivotal roles over the years in helping to nurture our students in personal and professional development.

The partnerships forged through our work experience programmes, practicums, externship and other employment opportunities have contributed to realizing the mission of ECC in transforming lives and nurturing global citizens.