Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics Management

 Performance of a company’s logistics and supply chain processes directly impacts a company’s profitability. Skilled logistics personnel are in high demand as companies of all sizes compete in the global marketplace.
The target groups for these courses are Top and Middle Managers in different areas of logistics. Additionally, the course also targets persons wishing to gain entry into this industry to start a career in logistics and supply chain management.

Career Path

A Post-Graduate Diploma in Logistics Management prepares participants for a wide range of careers in the logistics and supply chain industry, for example: Logistics Analyst, Shipping Logisticians, International Logistics Personnel/Manager, Inventory Control Personnel/Manager, Logistics Services Salesperson, Supply Chain Personnel/Manager, Warehouse Operations Personnel/Manager, Purchasing Personnel/Manager and Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator.


Postgraduate diplomas allow students to study something new or build on the skills and knowledge already gained during their first degree. In the current climate, more and more graduates are opting to pursue postgraduate study for the following reasons:

1. To further explore interest in areas of specialization
2. To gain clear insights into an industry and create invaluable contacts - postgraduate studies will uncover industry contacts and work experience opportunities;
3. To gain specialist skills – i.e. balancing newfound expertise with practical work experience and industry knowledge, to offer employers a more complete package in an employee.
4. To increase chances for promotion-this will give learners a competitive edge.
5. Change career direction - many postgraduate courses can act as conversion courses to enter different sectors;

Entry Requirements

1.    BSc. Degree in any discipline or
2.   Mature student entry/prior learning assessment: Professional Certification, Associate Degree, or Diploma. Applicants falling in this category must be twenty five years or older, with a minimum of two years experience in a specialized area of the industry. Applicants will be accepted based on an assessment of their prior learning.

Delivery options

1.    Monday - Thursday Day College (For two days)
2.    Monday - Thursday 5p.m. – 9 p.m. Evening College
3.    Friday & Saturday; Weekend College

Course Structure

Semester I Semester II
Critical Thinking Shipping Logistics
Project Management Foundations Waste Logistics Management
Applied Statistical Techniques Procurement Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  Cruise Shipping Logistics
  Research Methodology
Semester III  
International Logistics  
Research Paper  


On successful completion of this course participants will be awarded a Post-Graduate Diploma in Logistics Management