Associate Degree in Applied Computer Science



This is a two-year programme that awards certificates to be offered by Community Colleges across the Caribbean. It was prepared by UWI Consulting (a subsidiary of the University of the West Indies) for the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (ACTI) and updated by the CCCJ. The purpose was for Harmonization and Articulation of Associate Degree Programmes to be offered by Regional National/Community Colleges in English Speaking Territories of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy.

The Associate Degree in Applied Computer Science (ADCS) is concerned with developing in candidates, entry level programming skills that will enable graduates to matriculate into bachelor’s degree programmes. On completion of this programme of study students should be able to create simple programs, build websites, start databases, link computers together in networks and find solutions to computer generated problems.

Career Opportunities

Graduates should be able to function at the entry level in careers such as: Web Designers, Junior Programmers, Database Administrators, and User Needs Analysts.

Graduates should also be able to matriculate into a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science that is offered by institutions across the Caribbean and the Americas. Although in some institutions the Associate degree graduate may be required to do additional credits where weak academic passes are obtained, or where a programme does not develop competence in a required entry level skill.