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sobesfbm1Welcome to the School of  Business and Entrepreneurial Studies.

The School of Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies was created to develop high quality pedagogy and research that focuses on serving the needs of our students and fulfilling the demands of the business sector. The School has a fine cadre of highly qualified staff members, experienced in both the classroom and the world of work that are responsible for guiding this process.

Here at the School of Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies we seek to make the linkages between economic, social, political and cultural life and modern business practices, this in order to show the interconnectedness and how to optimize possible business solutions to the various challenges faced on a daily basis.

The School sees as a part of it's mandate the usage of this these linkages in creating tangible hands on experience to our students in getting them to learn the workings of the business sector, creating networks within this sector and eventually making the transition from School to the business word a seamless activity. 

Programmes offered

Post Graduate Diplomas


* Accredited by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ)